Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)

Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)

Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC). 4-Ethylmethcathinone (4-EMC) is a recreational designer drug of the stimulant and entactogen class. It is a structural isomer of 4-MEC for sale and  buy 3,4-DMMC online . It has been identified in many countries around the world, initially in Europe but was first found in Australia in 2020.

Legal status 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)

4-Ethylmethcathinone is a controlled substance in the US state of Vermont as of January 2016 It is also covered by analogue provisions in many other jurisdiction Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)

Synonyms 4-EEC (4-EFMC)

Technical Information 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)
Formal Name
2-(ethylamino)-1-(4-ethylphenyl)propan-1-one, monohydrochloride Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)
CAS Number
Molecular Formula
C13H19NO • HCl
Formula Weight
Purity: ≥98%
A crystalline solid
Solubility(Learn about Variance in Solubility)
  • :
  • DMF: 1 mg/ml
  • DMSO: 2.5 mg/ml
  • Ethanol: 5 mg/ml
  • Methanol: 1 mg/ml
  • PBS (pH 7.2): 10 mg/ml
255 nm
InChi Code
InChi Key
Shipping & Storage Information 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC)
Storage -20°C
Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
≥ 2 years
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    Buy 4-EEC (4-EFMC) (4-EMC). 4-Ethylmethcathinone (4-EMC) is a recreational designer drug of the stimulant and entactogen class. It is a structural isomer of 4-MEC for sale and buy 3,4-DMMC …

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    Comprehensive supplier list for 4-EEC HCl,4-EFMC. IUPAC Name: (2Z,4R,4aR,5S,5aR,6R,12aS)-2-[amino(hydroxy)methylidene]-4-(dimethylamino)-5,10,11,12


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